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FAQs about New York Coach Bus Rentals

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How many people can a bus hold?

Our coach buses hold up to 56 passengers depending on the bus. We also have smaller shuttle buses for between 24- 30 passengers but the maximum we can handle is 56 people.

How are the seats setup?

The seats are all forward facing in a coach bus. Basically, it is like sitting on an airplane only our coach buses have more leg room for each person to enjoy themselves.

Are all coach buses the same?

No, like everything else there are different quality levels when it comes to coach buses. Just like there is a big difference between a Hyundai, a Mercedes and a BMW. Our coach buses are made from Prevost and Setra Mercedes, which are the best coach bus companies in the industry. You can see a big difference between our coach buses and those from other companies.

Why do some coach bus companies charge more than other coach bus companies?

The reason for this is that there are different levels of coach buses and coach bus companies and there’s a big difference in the level of service that companies offer. When you hire a coach bus from CoachBusNY.com you are sure to get a nice clean coach bus with the proper insurance and legal requirements, as well as a good driver that will take care of you. We also have a strict maintenance program to make sure that everything is working for you. We pride ourselves in offering you the best value for the service we offer.

How much insurance do you carry for your passengers?

CoachBusNY.com carries 5 million dollars of insurance coverage on all our coach buses.

How do you make the buses safe?

We have our own mechanics that work for CoachBusNY.com full time so our vehicles are constantly being maintained and checked on a regular basis. All our coach buses also go in for PM maintenance every 3 months and DOT inspection every six months.

How do I book a bus for my trip or event?

We can book your trip over the phone where you can talk with an experienced representative, you can book via email or you can book online. We typically take a $100 to $300 deposit depending on your trip and that secures the reservation for you. The balance is typically taken care of before the trip unless you are paying cash where on occasion the driver will collect the balance at the pickup location.