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Privacy Policy

You are currently viewing a website for CoachBusNY.com. We can be reached via our email or our phone number (631) 257-3117 for any questions. Whenever our website receives traffic from a visitor, our web page will not log your domain nor your email address for any purposes.

Through the use of web forms on our website, we do offer quotes, specials and mailing list subscriptions where your information may be necessary. These forms, emails or any other marketing functions, are filled out by you willingly as a visitor on our website. You are able to contact us via email or by phone as alternative options where you do not have to give out your information.

Our services all offer the chance for you to unsubscribe from any communication from CoachBusNY.com. If you need help with this, we are MORE THAN HAPPY to help you; just give us a shout and we’ll make it happen on your behalf. Your information, otherwise, is volunteered by you for the chance at a discount, survey or other means of special.


We are humans here. We do not want anyone taking our information and selling it the same way you do not want that. We will not share or sell your information including your name, phone or email to anyone EVER. We respect your privacy and want to encourage other websites to do the same; lead by example, as we say.


We do not implement any cookies on your computer other than for timer/countdown clocks. In this instance, the only instance we will ever implement cookies on your computer, we display a countdown timer where a special discount may expire. When this happens, we implement a cookie on your computer that starts a countdown timer for the special. Once the timer ends, the script is over. That is the entire cookie’s purpose. Nothing more, nothing less.


Any time you need to unsubscribe and can not figure out how to do it – please call us at (631) 257-3117 and we will do everything in our power to help you get where you want.


We do not partner with or have any ad services on this website. This website is solely for the purpose of knowledge, lead generation and for reservations for our business. The keyword here, OUR BUSINESS. We are a full service limousine company.

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